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IXL Tastic Neo Dual Silver

IXL Tastic Neo Dual Silver

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Product Description

  • Colours Available: White / Silver
  • Heat Lamps: 2 x 800W
  • Fan Size: 170mm
  • Exhaust Capacity m3/h: 346 (when using 6m of ducting)
  • Exhaust Capacity l/s: 96 (when using 6m of ducting)
  • Centre Light: 3 x 7W LED Directional Downlights
  • Watts (Fan in Brackets): 1675 (75)
  • Half Heat Function: Yes
  • Ceiling Height for Heating (m): 3.3m
  • To Exhaust Bathrooms With Shower (m3): 3m3 (when using 6m of ducting)
  • To Exhaust Bathrooms Without Shower (m3):  25m3 (when using 6m of ducting
  • Back Draught Shutters: Yes
  • Inline Fan Ducted to Outside: Yes
  • Supplied with Switch Set: Yes
  • 5 Year in Home Warranty: Yes
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty on Heat Lamps: Yes
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty on Inline Fan: Yes
  • Made in Australia: Yes

IXL Tastic Neo Dual Spec Sheet

IXL Tastic Neo Dual Spec Sheet


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